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    HTML to PDF Conversion

    HTML format is the backbone of the world wide web. An HTML file contains blocks of code that render a web page within a browser. From the simplest static pages to the most complicated web apps, HTML plays a part in nearly everything online.

    A PDF, however, is a file format used for sharing digital documents. A PDF document usually contains text, images, and hyperlinks. PDFs can also be viewed in web browsers, but they are not interactive like web pages and are much more limited in scope.

    Generally, an HTML file will be the blueprint of a web page while a PDF will be a snapshot of a document.

    Why would you want to convert HTML to PDF?

    Most HTML files don’t do much on their own. They will have code that references other files, whether they be images, style sheets, or even other files with different coding languages. If you shared an HTML file with someone but didn’t include these other elements, the recipient would be missing out on a huge chunk of the visual experience.

    If you convert an HTML file into a PDF, however, the recipient would be able to see a facsimile of a web page. This could be incredibly useful for a web designer who is showing off an idea to a client. A PDF would show the client what the designer has in mind for the web page without requiring the client to go through the complication of opening a raw HTML file.

    How to convert HTML to PDF for free?

    Our tool here can convert an HTML file into a PDF. You can upload a simple HTML file or a ZIP file containing the HTML code along with its corresponding images and style sheets.

    The first thing you need to do is decide how you’ll want your HTML rendered. There are four options on the page: Grayscale, Landscape, No Background, and No JavaScript. Ticking the Grayscale box will render your page without color; Landscape creates PDF pages in landscape mode rather than portrait; No Background will render the page with a simple white background; No JavaScript will remove all JavaScript from the page.

    Note that you need to make these selections before uploading your HTML or ZIP files. If you don’t tick the necessary boxes before uploading, the boxes won’t have any effect on the outputted content.

    Once you’ve selected the necessary checkboxes, upload your files by hitting the “UPLOAD FILES” button or dragging and dropping them onto the “Drop Your Files Here” field. Our tool will then automatically render the HTML and convert it into a multi-page PDF.

    After the conversion has finished, you can download the new PDF by hitting the “DOWNLOAD” button under each image. However, you can also wait until all the conversions are finished and then hit “DOWNLOAD ALL”. This will download all the PDFs inside one ZIP archive.

    You can at once upload up to 20 HTML files, ZIP archives, or a combination thereof. If you need to convert more than 20 files, you can hit “CLEAR QUEUE” after the conversion and repeat the process as many times as needed.

    Is it safe to convert HTML to PDF?

    It is totally safe to perform these conversions using our tool. Our system will automatically delete all uploads and conversions after one hour in order to secure your sensitive data.